About Dr Jill

Dr Jill's Family

Dr Jill learned at a young age that spinal adjustments helped with her scoliosis. Being raised on a dairy farm close to Wichita, she learned the values of a strong work ethic and to share her time and talents with everyone. She graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2001 working in the Kansas City area until the following year.

Returning home to be closer to her family, she met the love of her life, Michael. They have 2 daughters, Chloe and Abby. Outside of the office, Dr Jill enjoys baking, playing cards, wakeboarding, and enjoying family time together.

Corporate Bio

Dr Jill started the practice location at Central & Greenwich on September 9, 2002. She has a great team providing massage and acupuncture services helping over 6000 clients function better. Dr Jill estimates she has given over 50,000 adjustments and enjoys spreading her chiropractic care to clientele looking to feel better. She will continue serving clients from all over of all ages for years to come.