Denae License # 049705

Denae stumbled into the world of massage by accident and immediately grew a passion for it. That led her to completing the Associate’s program at Heritage College in April 2016. She loves helping others feel better and has the ability to take away their worries even if it’s just for a limited amount of time. Her sessions are about YOU;  customizing the massage to benefit you and meeting your needs using a variety of techniques including cupping and hot stones. Outside of the massage world, Denae enjoys: reading, writing, playing video and board games, and spending time with her fiancée and their fur babies. 

Denae the massage therapist

Massage Prices

15 minute = $ 20

30 minute = $ 40

45 minute = $ 55

60 minute = $ 70

90 minute = $ 100

120 minute =$130

Session Packages Available

Cupping and Hot Stones Available

Massage Sessions

Each massage session is customized to focus on your problem areas. You are asked to complete a health history with your first session. The therapist takes detailed notes so each session builds on the previous one. As your health changes, the session focus changes to provide a relaxing massage if needed. It is recommended to increase your water intake with massages to assist with the therapeutic experience.

30 Min Cupping

$ 30

60 Min Hot Stones

$ 90

90 Min Hot Stones

$ 120

120 Min Hot Stones

$ 150

30 Min Package of 5

$ 175

60 Min Package of 5

$ 325

90 Min Package of 5

$ 475

120 Min Package of 5

$ 625

Cupping image


Cupping stimulates the flow of qi (life force) within the body. The technique involves applying a localized suction to the skin using cups at targeted areas of the body. The intent is to stimulate the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It may also help release congested tissues and loosen adhesions (knots in the muscles).

Hot Stones image

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones to provide a relaxing and warming effect to the massage. The therapist will hold the stones while applying long gliding strokes, vibration, friction, deep tissue, or trigger point techniques. The stones are used as a tool to enable the benefits relaxing cramping muscles, soothe arthritic, and aching joints. 

Your appointment has been reserved especially for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call the office at (316) 682-6161 and leave a message 24 hours ahead of your scheduled massage time to avoid a cancellation fee. Same day cancellation and no-shows will be charged 50% of the scheduled session price. We understand situations arise and appreciate advance notice; therefore, if we are able to schedule someone else in your appointment time then we will gladly waive the fee.